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Great new look for Devonvale box!

A year ago we changed our logo and product packaging to rave reviews.

Everyone loving our new colour coded product categories, the catchy range descriptors, the artisan hand baked stamp on the front, the more modern look and the new logo, emphasising that our bakery products are all hand baked in the UK, by people, not machines and that we have a truly Great British product range.

This change in our logo and product packaging has definitely contributed to an increase in Devonvale brand sales and interest and new customers that have come to us in their droves in 2019.

Fast forward 12 months and am now excited to announce having changed our undergarments, that we can now announce that all our Devonvale brand products will soon come to you in a smart new suit!

Our new box that houses our tasty sweet snacks will launch sometime to the trade in October, so it will hopefully hit an outlet near you in early November.

The look?

Much more contemporary, with it being clearer what product range we do and it's far more aligned with our product packaging, with our new logo. It will also feature our social media accounts.

Want to know more?

Please contact me personally on 07906 088551 or

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