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New Devonvale Website - allowing "Cookies" is a must!

At Devonvale we have been so busy the past couple of years that a new website was the last thing we had time for, after baking a few million tasty Flapjack and Cake Bars and the closest we came to further internet exploration was the baking of our "Cookies" - which we allowed of course!

Our new website we think is clean and functional and hopefully tells you what you need to know if you are a wholesaler or food business looking for a great supplier of Flapjacks and Cakes. However if you need to know more just contact us.

Our new Devonvale Bakery website has some of the following features:

1. You can now apply for a job within our Devonvale Bakery via a link on our website.

2. We have a Social Media page where you can see our Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

3. There will soon be a link where you will be able to buy some of our Devonvale Flapjacks and Cakes via our Facebook page.

Let us know what you think of our new website at and also available on the domain

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